Lightning talks

Lightning Talks:

Interested USRI students have the opportunity to compete in a Lightning Talk competition on the day of the conference. In this competition, students will present a 3 minute live Lightning Talk concerning your summer research project, your overall experience and its impact on you. This is a great option for any student interested in:

  • Applying the knowledge translation and communication skills you learned this summer
  • Reflecting on an academic or professional experience you had through your research project
  • Competing for awards and cash prizes!
  • Lightning Talks will be judged by a panel of reviewers, based on the following criteria:
  • Demonstrates critical reflection and learning.
  • Use of best practices in oral communications
  • Storytelling: Rather than just showing your research, we are looking for inspirational, action-driven presentations.
  • Good visual aids
  • Is 3 minutes or shorter
Lightning Talks

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