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The Western USRI Conference will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Connect with other USRI students and supervisors
  • Gain experience in sharing research findings to a group of peers and supervisors.
  • Strengthen your communication skills and compete for Best Lightning Talk
  • Learn from other summer research projects your peers are working on at Western
  • Explore the supports and future research opportunities offered from across WesternU

The event will be held in Gather Town

The schedule can be found below:

Time Session
10:30am (30mins) Opening remarks
11am (sessions 1.5h) Student booth showcase
12:30 (1h) Break
1:30pm (1 hour) Western opportunities fair
2:30pm (1.5h) Lightning talks

Browse the contents of Undergraduate Summer Research Internships 2021:

Opening Remarks
Lightning talks
Lightning Talks
Research Output Showcase