Researcher Gallery User Policy

Researcher Gallery is a segment of Scholarship@Western that showcases academic materials using a template customized for The University of Western Ontario (hereinafter called Western). Eligible users include faculty members, postdoctoral scholars, graduate students, librarians, and archivists of Western.

Western Libraries reserve the right to determine an individual’s eligibility. Individuals who are no longer affiliated with Western can still access the administrative functions of the pages they have created. However, their pages will not feature the purple template customized for Western.

Users of Researcher Gallery are responsible for the content of the pages they create. They are also responsible for maintaining them. Links to selected materials on Research Gallery pages may be created in other segments of Scholarship@Western.

Researcher Gallery is hosted by Berkeley Electronic Press in Berkeley, California.

There is a general FAQ about creating a researcher profile. If you are an eligible user of Research Gallery and would like to create a profile for yourself, please visit this page and click the green START button on the right.

Please contact if you have any questions about Researcher Gallery or Scholarship@Western.