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Dr. Michael Haan


While there is an abundance of literature on the labour outcomes of immigrants, there is limited research on the earnings of former international students. This study uses the 2016 census to compare the earnings of new labour market entrants who were international students, and are now permanent residents, to those of domestic students and foreign-educated immigrants in London, Ontario. The results found that former international students had slightly lower earnings than domestic students, despite being more likely to have completed a bachelor’s degree, have studied a STEM field, and be working in a NOC skill level A occupation. Former international students fared considerably better than the foreign-educated group. This study illustrates that further efforts should be made to ensure the successful transition of international students to the workforce once they have completed their studies. This paper is significant in that it contributes to the literature on international students’ labour outcomes, which is integral in a country and city that heavily rely on international student enrolment.

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