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This clinical practice guideline (CPG) provides guidance around the delivery of virtual hearing aid care according to hearing healthcare professional practices and responsibilities, informed implementation strategies, clinical decision frameworks, and technology and infrastructure requirements. Guidance aligns with person-centred care approaches across four virtual care types: hearing aid management, programming, verification, and validation. CPG recommendations are based on evidence resulting from systematic literature review and co-creation efforts from an international team of hearing healthcare providers and clinician/scientist leaders in the field.

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Glista, D., O’Hagan, R., DiFabio, D., Moodie, S.T.F., Muñoz, K., Richert, F., Curca, I.A., Meston, C., Pfingstgraef, D., Joseph, K., Brown, C. (2022). Virtual hearing aid care: clinical practice guideline v2.0. Western University. DOI: 10.5206/0820211097

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