SASAH 4th Year Capstone and Other Projects: Presentations

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Summer 2022


Fear is something everybody feels, but does it always have to be a negative sentiment? In this presentation, I explain how I turned fear into a positive emotion and used it as motivation. Turns out that fear is not the enemy, you yourself are. You do not have to fight against fear; you can live with it (after all, it is a natural and common emotion). I discuss my internships at the Forest City Film Festival as a concierge and content/marketing intern, where I could barely muster up the courage to apply, and Osborne Holdings, where I learned how to manage my fear and turn it into something positive. I learned that the best way to manage your fear is to identify its roots, find something that is familiar, and try to take comfort in the unknown. The more you practice examining your fears, the more you will get comfortable with, and draw motivation, from those feelings.


This presentation was submitted in conjunction with a report as the final assignment for SASAH's Experiential Learning requirement.