SASAH 4th Year Capstone and Other Projects: Presentations

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Winter 2021


The first part of this presentation discusses my time as a remote intern during Summer 2020 for the Tanzanian organization, MikonoYetu. MikonoYetu is an NGO that seeks to promote the empowerment and economic independence of young girls, and my team and I were tasked were creating and designing their live website. This internship was supervised by Western Heads East, who also tasked my team with reviewing and suggesting changes for their current website. While completing this remote internship during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic brought many challenges, my team and I were able to fulfill our deliverables and learn valuable lessons regarding international partnerships along the way. The second part of this presentation details my co-director experience with the Iconoclast Collective, a student-run Western University publication dedicated to covering issues on arts, culture and politics. As I had never previously worked on a publication team before, each experience and interaction that came with this directorship was unique. Despite doubts in my own abilities, working with Iconoclast revealed lessons on good leadership and the power of artistic expression.


This presentation was submitted in conjunction with a report as the final assignment for SASAH's Experiential Learning requirement. The live online presentation event occurred via Zoom on March 26, 2021, and is posted on YouTube. The students subsequently recreated their presentations using VoiceThread for publication purposes.