Events from 2010


Radio Frequency Coils for Ultra-high Field Magnetic Imaging, Ravi S. Menon

Submissions from 2009


The ROM / UWO Mummy Project: A Microcosm of Progress in Mummy Research, Andrew J. Nelson, R. Chhem, I. A. Cunningham, S. N. Friedman, G. Garvin, G. Gibson, P. V. Granton, David W. Holdsworth, S. Holowka, F. Longstaffe, V. Lywood, N. Nguyen, R. Shaw, M. Trumpour, Andrew D. Wade, and C. D. White


The UQAM Mummy – The Use of Non-Destructive Imaging to Reconstruct an Ancient Osteobiography and to Document Modern Malfeasance, Andrew J. Nelson, Andrew D. Wade, R. Hibbert, B. MacDonald, M. Donaldson, R. Chatelain, N. Nguyen, V. Lywood, G. Gibson, M. Trumpour, S. N. Friedman, P. V. Granton, J. Morgan, David W. Holdsworth, and I. A. Cunningham


Pagetʼs Disease (Osteitis Deformans) in Archaeological Remains: A Radiographic Differential, Andrew D. Wade, Gregory J. Garvin, and David W. Holdsworth

Submissions from 2007


Assessment of Human Trabecular Architecture in the Pubis by Three Radiographic Modalities, Andrew D. Wade, Andrew J. Nelson, Gregory J. Garvin, and David W. Holdsworth

Submissions from 2005


Robot Assisted Ultrasound Imaged Guided Interstitial Lung Brachytherapy in a Porcine Model, Richard A. Malthaner, Edward Yu, Jerry J. Battista, Chris Blake, Donal Downey, and Aaron Fenster