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Researchers have recently begun to take a person-centered (profile) approach to investigate how the affective, normative, and continuance commitment mindsets combine within the three-component model of organizational commitment (Meyer & Allen, 1991). The meaningfulness of the profiles identified in this research depends, in part, on evidence that similar profiles emerge across samples, particularly those drawn for a common population. We conducted a particularly stringent test of similarity by comparing profiles for samples of employees drawn from a large Turkish conglomerate prior to (N = 346) and following (N = 797) a major economic crisis. Using procedures recently introduced by Morin et al. (2016), we found similarity in the number (seven) and structure of the profiles before and after the crisis; only the distribution of individuals across profiles (i.e., the relative size of the profiles) differed. We also found similarity in the patterns of relations with theoretical antecedent, correlate, and outcome variables, suggesting that a common set of principles might be operating regardless of major differences in the work environment. In addition to providing strong evidence for the meaningfulness of commitment profiles, this study is one of the first to investigate the impact of an economic crisis on employee commitment.


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Meyer, J.P., Morin, A.J.S., & Wasti, A. (2018). Employee commitment before and after an economic crisis: A stringent test of profile similarity. Human Relations, 71(9), 1204-1233.

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