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This study aimed to pilot test, assess usability and utility of, and identify barriers to implementation for the Profile of Preschool Communication (PPC) - a new data collection tool designed to support outcome monitoring in preschool speech-language programs and practice-based research. Methods. This pilot study was conducted with three sites in the Ontario Preschool Speech and Language (PSL) program. Twenty-three speech-language pathologists used the PPC for all outcome monitoring assessments for 2-3-months and provided feedback about their experience using it in practice. Then, 18 of the 23 speech-language pathologists completed online surveys to rate usability and utility, and report their perceived implementation barriers and facilitators. Results. Speech-language pathologists reported difficulties completing some sections of the PPC, most notably obtaining data related to maternal education and family history of mental health concerns. Usability and utility were generally rated favorably with some items rated as neutral. Barriers to implementation included the paper format, completion time, requirement to ask personal questions, and the perception by some that data were useful for outcome monitoring but not practice. Facilitators included ease of use, an improvement over the existing tool, and the collection of data to support service planning. Conclusions. The PPC shows potential as an outcome monitoring data collection tool in preschool speech-language pathology programs. Findings will be of interest to researchers engaged in practice-based research and those interested in engaging stakeholders to develop clinically meaningful tools.

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