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OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development

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The international community has agreed upon another set of goals for the next 15 years. On the table are no less than 169 objectives and 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The new aspirations are summarized and the merits and demerits of further elaboration and measurement including country-specific deadlines and targets are discussed. The hefty budget to achieve all 17 goals is estimated at more than $4 trillion US a year. North American policy-makers need to be aware of humankind’s shared aspirations as they consider the new and expensive SDGs. Foreign aid is one of the instruments of North American foreign policy and questions continue to swirl about whether foreign aid should be tied to the purchase of North American goods and services. Canada and the United States are not alone in falling short. They will need to spend more as well as align their national and subnational governments with the proposed SDGs in order to tackle inequality and poverty, integrate environmental and sustainability concerns into decision-making and help develop more global governance approaches to development.

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Simpson, Erika (2016) Sustainable development goals worth sharing. OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development, 9:3, March 30, pp. 115-22.

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