MA Major Research Papers


Ria Haque

Date of Award


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Master of Arts


Political Science


Dyczok, Marta


The goal of this paper is to carefully assess the international standards of labour and the effects of the rise in labour market inequality specifically in Canada while also looking at what is going on in China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as case studies. By analyzing empirical and qualitative data, this paper ultimately concludes that the dominant explanation and interpretation of related literature in this subject depicts a broad sense of injustice to migrant workers who are only increasing internationally. These migrant workers face countless hardships while only pursuing jobs in foreign countries in the attempts of going beyond the conditions offered in their home countries. However, instead of their situations getting better, it seemingly is only getting worse when they arrive in these new countries to begin work because of the temperament, the lack of and the violation of fundamental employment rights. The academic research covered in this paper also highlights the skill paradox in the Canadian labour market. To better explain, this paper also attempts to unpack the systemic patterns of differential social structure such as citizenship status, gender, and much more that exist to exhibit how migrant workers face more hardships in the labour market when compared to their Canadian-born citizen counterparts. The central argument in the paper recognizes that as a matter of fact, Canada is not meeting international standards on employment rights for migrant workers and outlines how the government has been severely negligent of migrants’ economic, human and social rights. This paper will also make some recommendations on what governments around the world can do to support migrants better and attempt a critical appraisal of the different approaches of scholars within the field.