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Post-operative radiation therapy (RT) (1) and post-operative chemoradiation (2) have been used for esophageal cancer patients deemed high risk for recurrence after esophagectomy.

Defining opitmal RT target volume after esophagectomy is difficult due to significant changes in patient anatomy and function.

Some radiationon cologists advocated the inclusion of the anastomotic site within the irradiation volume due to concerns for potential increased relapse risk, while others did not subscribe to this practice due to concerns for increased treatment related toxicity.

We have previously reported patient outcome benefit using extended volume RT In management with high risk esophageal cancer patients underwent esopagectomy(3).

We have performed a Phase I study to evaluate the safety of subscription to this practice.

(1). Folk et al, Surgery, 113:1993

(2). Bedard et al, Cancer, 91;2001

(3). Yu et al, Radiother & Oncol, 73;2004


Presentation at the Canadian Association of Radiation Oncologists (CARO) Annual Scientific Meeting in Toronto, ON in Oct. 2007