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The Northern Tornadoes Project is now in its 7th year, and its 5th year of covering events right across the country. With all those years under our belts, we are getting a sense of just how variable tornado occurrence is across the country. The 2023 season was a relatively quiet one with 86 documented tornadoes (compared to 129 in 2022 and 124 in 2021). It also featured the lowest number of EF2+ tornadoes - by far - in the NTP era at only 5 (there were 31 and 30 in 2022 and 2021, respectively). Yet even during a quiet year we can have an extreme tornado event – which is what the EF4 tornado near Didsbury, AB on Canada Day was. This tornado flattened the buildings that it encountered (only a small number due to its path through a rural area). Thankfully, occupants of the homes that were destroyed got the warning and found safety.

A recent and very successful initiative at NTP has been the hiring of a large number of interns during the summer. They help with surveys or with coding up solutions to various NTP research problems.The quality of the work they have done has been outstanding.


Working together with our partners and collaborators, we anticipate big things in 2024!

Dave Sills and Greg Kopp

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