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BACKGROUND The present study examines the relationship between humor styles and the 10 Supernumerary Personality Inventory (SPI) traits to understand how humor styles correlate with personality dimensions “beyond the Big Five” model. Humor styles and the personality dimensions of the SPI have yet to be explored. Therefore, the aim of this study is to explore how humor styles correlate with traits outside of conventional personality models, in order to better understand humor expression related to personality traits. PARTICIPANTS AND PROCEDURE The data were from 693 adult participants (135 men and 560 women) from North America. RESULTS All four humor styles positively correlated with the SPI humorousness scale. The two positive humor styles, affiliative and self-enhancing, had significant positive correlations with the egotism SPI scale. The two negative humor styles, aggressive and self-defeating, had significant positive correlations with the SPI scales of seductiveness and manipulativeness and significant negative correlations with the integrity scale from the SPI. A sub-group of the sample (n = 471) also completed a Big Five personality measure. For this sample, the variance due to the Big Five was regressed out of the SPI scales. CONCLUSIONS The correlations between the SPI residuals and the humor style scores decreased from the unaltered SPI scale scores except for the aggressive humor style correlations, which were less affected, suggesting that this dimension of humor may have some variance “beyond” the Big Five.