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American Journal of Hypertension




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Renin profiling to assist in management of hypertension was first proposed about 27 years ago. However, it is still not widely used, perhaps because it was initially emphasized for management of primary hypertension, which is usually relatively easy to manage. Our experience in more than 4000 patients with referral hypertension screened since 1977 suggests that this approach, which I call 'Physiologic Tailoring' of management, is particularly helpful in resistant hypertension, especialiy in cases of adrenocortical hypertension. Three cases of resistant hypertension spanning the 20 years of the clinic's existence, are presented to illustrate the contribution of renin profiling to the diagnosis and management of adrenocortical hypertension. It is suggested that adrenocortical hypertension is virtually always due to bilateral hyperplasia and that true curable solitary nodules may not exist if patients are followed long enough; and that adrenocortical hyperplasia is much more common in blacks and patients of African origin. A study to test the cost-utility of a renin-based algorithm for management of resistant hypertension is recommended.



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