Seline Boer

Seline Boer, University of Western Ontario

Seline Boer is a fourth year Honours Specialization Major in Film Studies, and is minoring in German Language and Culture. In 2017, Seline presented her research paper on Manu Luksch’s experimental surveillance film Faceless (2007) at the SCMS Undergraduate Conference in Minneapolis. After graduation, Seline is considering pursuing a master's degree in either Film Studies or Film Preservation; however, one day hopes to produce documentary films. If all else fails, she has a plan of fleeing to Germany and making use of her very bad German language skills. If that does not go well either, she plans on becoming a bog witch. Seline’s favorite films are Our Hospitality (1923), Menschen am Sonntag (1930), Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962), Paper Moon (1973), and Wild (2014).

Bianca Huang

Bianca Linhares-Huang, University of Western Ontario

Bianca is currently in her third year of the Honours Specialization MIT program at Western. She is a devoted cinephile and has been involved in student film festivals since high school including TIFF Next Wave, Take 21, and the Western Smartphone Film Festival. Outside of editing Kino, she is currently working on a short film, Tell It To My Mother which features a young Asian second generation photographer who confronts her identity through art. Bianca hopes to continue work in the film industry in distribution and acquisitions, or even become an Art Director for a major international film festival. In her spare time she goes dog-spotting and worships Greta Gerwig.


Allyson Steward

Allyson Steward, University of Western Ontario

Graphics and Promotions Executive, WUFS

With a forthcoming degree in Film Studies, Allyson intends to do absolutely nothing in this field, but instead work at Western University on the eLearning Technology Team in WTS. If this doesn’t work out, she’ll likely continue on as a perpetual student or succumb to an inevitable existential crisis. Allyson has a combined six years of personal, educational, and professional experience in graphic design and illustration. She also has nerve damage in her right hand after a tragic incident with a tomato can and a Second Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo. Favourite Films: The Man From UNCLE (2015), Singin’ in the Rain (1952), The Princess Bride (1987).

First-Year Representative

Riley Arp

Riley Arp, University of Western Ontario

Hey! My name is Riley Arp and I am first-year student hoping to major in Criminology and FIlm Studies. I am one of the two first-year film reps for WUFS. In my spare time, I usually look at my notes and pretend to study, spend all my money on vinyl or watch any of the 300 films currently on my watchlist on letterboxd. My favorite films are those directed by David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, Edgar Wright, and Denis Villeneuve.By the end of my degree,I hope to either get a career as a journalist/writer for film. Fun Fact: I’ve never seen The Shawshank Redemption.