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Five Seconds at a Time

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Description from YouTube: "Denis Shackel shares his raw, powerful and life-altering experience with the TEDxUWO audience -- an experience that took the life of his beloved brother-in-law and nearly his own as well. Stranded alone after a tragic climbing accident with temperatures plunging to -30 degrees Celsius, Shackel first broke the night into five thousand five-second intervals. He decided to deal with only one interval at a time. Then, stepping back to see the bigger picture, he relied on vision, intuition, and faith to keep him alive. Shackel emerged from this harrowing experience having cemented his belief that the principles fundamental to leadership - breaking a problem into smaller parts - are also key to tackling any challenge."


A presentation at TEDxUWO held in London, ON on March 12, 2011

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