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The Archive of Place: Unearthing the Pasts of the Chilcotin Plateau

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Winner, 2008 Clio Award for BC, Canadian Historical Association

"The Archive of Place weaves together a series of narratives about environmental history in a particular location -- British Columbia’s Chilcotin Plateau. In the mid-1990s, the Chilcotin was at the centre of three territorial conflicts. Opposing groups, in their struggle to control the fate of the region and its resources, invoked different understandings of its past -- and different types of evidence -- to justify their actions. These controversies serve as case studies, as William Turkel examines how people interpret material traces to reconstruct past events, the conditions under which such interpretation takes place, and the role that this interpretation plays in historical consciousness and social memory. It is a wide-ranging and original study that extends the span of conventional historical research." (From online book description)


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