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Journal of Problem Based Learning in Higher Education

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This case study piloted an interdisciplinary Problem-Based Learning course, utilizing Hung’s (2006) 3C3R model. We explain the course design, curriculum, and implementation. We collected qualitative written questionnaires from students who participated in the course to investigate their learning experiences. As a result, students shed light on lessons they learned throughout the course, which led to the creation of a lessons learned guide for future instructors. This guide encompasses 8 lessons that were gleaned by both qualitative student feedback and instructor reflections from the course. These lessons include allocating in-class time to work on projects, using a modular approach in the course design, presenting students with real-life problems related to the topic of the course, providing in-class case studies for students to get acquainted with examples of previous work, grouping students from diverse academic backgrounds together when possible, utilizing online and librarian resources, surveying the classroom on their comfort with self-directed learning beforehand, and including a self-reflection piece at the end of the course.

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