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The following interactive discussion questions are based on a fictional animated storyline by Chapter 1 of the third edition of An Introduction to Global Health. The animated storyline and questions are intended to provide students with the opportunity to understand global health, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and barriers related to the social determinants of health, in the context of a developing country.

Students will be introduced to the fictional village of Dewroze where they will learn how poverty shapes vulnerabilities that lead to health inequities. In this village, students will meet Ada, Ada’s father, Ada’s mother who is pregnant, Zaineb, and some of the health challenges they face.

There are questions for each of the five modules of the storyline as well as general reflection questions at the end. To answer the questions associated with the animated storyline, students will be required to explore external resources linked in the questions and integrate the acquired information with that available in the storyline. In some instances, students may also need to conduct independent research to learn more about a concept or topic to answer the questions adequately. Before watching the video, students are encouraged to read Chapter 1 of An Introduction to Global Health, 3rd edition.

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