Please visit the following links to learn more about work being done in feminist phenomenology and feminist philosophy more broadly.

The Society for Interdiscplinary Feminist Phenomenology: Explore a network of 90 international researchers working on feminist phenomenology or applying phenomenological methods to their respective areas of study.

The Feminist Phenomenology Group: A international group of scholars, originally brought together by Silvia Stoller, specializing in feminist phenomenology.

The Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy: An Canadian-based professional organization of philosophers dedicated to supporting marginalized groups in philosophy, feminism in philosophy, and philosophy in feminism.

The International Association of Women Philosophers: An international professional organizations designed to support feminist scholarship and women scholars in academic philosophy.

The Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy: A professional organization dedicated to the study of philosophy within the continental European traditions.

The Society for Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture/Théorie et culture existentialistes et phénoménologiques: A Canadian-based, international, interdiscplinary professional organization dedicated to the study of phenomenology and existentialism. they also publish PhaenEx, an open-source journal.

The Rotman Institure of Philosophy: The Rotman Institute is dedicated to collaborative research between the sciences and the humanities, especially between scientists, philosophers, policy-makers, and students.