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Dr. Yolanda Babenko-Mould



The study purpose was to explore clinical instructors’ perceptions of empowerment in academic nursing environments. Clinical instructors (CIs), often part-time faculty, facilitate learning in professional practice environments. However, they also need to function within the academic environment to learn about the curriculum and how students are to be evaluated.

The qualitative description method was used to obtain a broad understanding of CIs’ empowerment experiences and to interpret their perceptions with the framework of Kanter’s (1977, 1993) structural empowerment and Spreitzer’s (1995) psychological empowerment theories. Eight CIs from two nursing programs were interviewed.

All empowerment components were important in CIs’ perceptions of their role with support and confidence being key components. An implication for CIs was slow development of confidence in their ability to facilitate student learning that was consistent with curriculum goals. Recommendations for CIs and academic faculty are offered to support and retain clinical faculty.

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