Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Mechanical and Materials Engineering


Robert Klassen


Splined Mandrel Flow Forming (SMFF) is an effective method for fabricating a variety of internally-ribbed cylindrical parts. The process is, however, prone to premature failure of the splined mandrels and this is thought to be related to the magnitude of the forming forces exerted by the forming rollers on the mandrel splines. In this thesis an experimentation-based approach is used to investigate the effects of critical process parameters; namely, Inter-roller offset of the X1-X2 forming rollers, Oa, roller inclination angle, roller nose radius, r0, forming roller feed rate and mandrel rotational speed, on forming forces exerted on an AISI 1020 steel work piece as it is flow formed over a splined mandrel. The combined effect of these parameters on the maximum forming forces, Fmax, the roller forceoscillation amplitude, ΔF, and the roller/ work piece contact area are examined for an X1 forming roller during the third pass for SMFF tests performed under various process conditions.