Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Dr. Sobot

2nd Supervisor

Dr. Dounavis

Joint Supervisor


Advanced testing of medical treatments involves experimentation on small laboratory animals, such as genetically modified mice. These subjects are used to help researchers develop medication and cures for humans. To understand the effects of the treatments, innovative telemetry systems are developed, that enable remote real-time cardiac monitoring. The latest research in the field of cardiac monitoring has revealed two major limitations with wireless implantable systems: a) the current size of implantable electronics limits the physical size of the system to larger subjects; and b) the systems only interface with one sensor type (e.g., pressure sensor only). This research focuses on the design of a wireless telemetry system architecture, intended to retrieve blood pressure and volume data. A physical prototype is created that is 2.475 cm3 and weights 4.01 g. This thesis will enable a path towards miniaturization, leading to the incorporation of a wireless system into small laboratory animals.