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Belfry, Glen R.


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a high-intensity interval training regime with elite collegiate rowers on their rowing performance. A total of 10 interval training sessions were performed over a four-week period with four males and five females completing all pre-testing performance and training sessions. Participants completed a 2000 m performance test to determine initial training intensity. The interventional training sessions consisted of 30 min of 10 s work: 5 s recovery. The 10 s mean power output improved 17% from training session one to ten. The moderate-intensity increased by 44%; mean power output over 30 min increased by 22%. Three participants that performed a post-testing 2000 m row improved their power output by 3%. This study has demonstrated that 10 sessions of a 10 s: 5 s training regime improved training performances as well 2000 m in select elite rowers.

Summary for Lay Audience

High-intensity interval training is a type of training that requires intermittent high efforts followed by a recovery period. The novel training paradigm in this study reflects the short work periods (10 s) followed by a shorter recovery periods (5 s). A group of collegiate and international class rowers underwent bi-weekly training sessions of this program for four weeks. Performance markers were assessed before and after the intervention as well as during each prescribed workout to track changes for each individual participant. This training regime improved their performances over the course of the training period.