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Theory and Criticism


Dr. Michael Gardiner


The phrase “the fullness of time” touches upon one of M. M. Bakhtin’s most consistently upheld tenets; for Bakhtin, philosophical and everyday utterances rely on their historical embeddedness for the material and concrete reality from which they draw their meaning and through which they are conditioned, inflected, and re-evaluated. In his very last work Bakhtin stated that all meanings are in continuous evolution. In this thesis the attempt will be made to interpret Bakhtin’s corpus by concentrating particularly on the movement of historical and philosophical becoming, the art of responding to philosophy and the events of everyday life, and the particular mutual inter-relatedness of the disciplines of ethics, aesthetics, biology, psychology, psychoanalysis, and linguistics as these discourses are taken up in Bakhtin and the Bakhtin Circle’s writings.

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