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Master of Fine Arts


Visual Arts


Barteet, Charles.

2nd Supervisor

Esfahani, Soheila K.


My Master of Fine Arts (MFA), explores the world of toys. I do so following the Thesis Dossier Stream, which is paired with a Thesis Exhibition Credulous Escapism (2022). My program of research reflects on the psychological impact of toys on myself and individuals. I have sought to create a series of works that express childhood wonderment and awe through paintings and installation works. The paintings depict apocalyptic landscapes in which toys explore an alternate universe which allude to a foreboding entity: the reality of adulthood. To contextualize my work, I examine the works of Marcel Duchamp, Diana Thorneycroft, Melanie Daniel, and Sean Landers. I situate the series in neo-surrealistic ideologies that comprehend the subconscious influence that toys can contribute to our human development. Neo-surrealism also encompasses the exploration of perception in artworks that offer insight to alternate realities of the subconscious mind.

Summary for Lay Audience

Exploring the world of toys in a neo-surrealistic realm, this Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Thesis Dossier is paired with the Thesis Exhibition Credulous Escapism (2022). The project offers an opportunity to reflect on how toys can subconsciously impact individuals. I have created a series that emphasizes childhood wonderment and awe through paintings and installation works. In addition, I research artists that have used readymade objects and toys in their practice to inform the pieces I have developed throughout my two-year degree. I situate my practice in neo-surrealistic ideologies as the movement emphasizes the importance of unveiling the subconscious mind in artworks.

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