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Master of Science




Yining Huang


Zeolites are microporous materials that have been used extensively in various fields. A better understanding on their crystallization process is important for their investigations. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a powerful tool for studying the growing traces on the crystal surface, providing information regarding the relation between surface events and framework structure. This thesis mainly focuses on the surface investigation of several zeolites and microporous materials. ZSM-11 single crystals were synthesized under hydrothermal conditions, and their crystallization process was monitored by AFM, PXRD, SEM, and SSNMR. SAPO-34 prepared under both HTS and DGC conditions showed morphological differences that are related to their growing conditions. Finally, SAPO-37 crystals were examined and showed different terminal structures. Studies on ZSM-39 revealed different growth rates on the two types of faces of the crystal.