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Master of Science




Booth, Richard G.

2nd Supervisor

Jackson, Kimberley.



Purpose: The purpose of this thesis was to explore what self-identified nurses discussed on the nursing SubReddit during the Covid-19 pandemic between March 2020 to May 2020.

Methods: The Hsieh and Shannon (2005) summative content analysis with emergent categorical development was used to categorize the naturalistic data.

Findings: Through analysis, six content categories were identified from the nursing SubReddit: (a) employers’ approaches to the pandemic; (b) emergency preparedness in response to the pandemic; (c) shared experiences; (d) nursing students and new graduate nurses; (e) coping; and, (f) gratitude to nurses.

Implications: (a) Leadership that is communication-focused will improve the quality of nursing management; (b) social media can be used on an ongoing basis to learn more about the profession; and, (c) future pandemic and disaster planning for the nursing profession can take insight from the findings of this work.

Summary for Lay Audience

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a significant strain on healthcare systems worldwide. As a result, nurses felt fear, confusion, and uncertainty during this time. Nurses posted to the internet social media website called Reddit to share anecdotes and insights about the pandemic. It is important that we learn about what nurses shared online, as nurses have a unique perspective of the challenges brought by Covid-19. Studies have explored nurses’ online interactions on other social media websites, however no studies explored content shared by nurses on Reddit during the pandemic.

The current research project explored what self-identified nurses discussed on the nursing SubReddit during the Covid-19 pandemic. Online posts published between March 2020 to May 2020 were included. Information came from self-identified nurses and nursing students’ posts. The researcher organized the posts to identify categories and subcategories of topics discussed to address the research aims. The researcher found that nurses spoke about how their employers managed and prepared for the pandemic. Nurses also used Reddit to share experiences and coping strategies. Nursing students used Reddit to discuss their education and future employment.