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Wood, Kelly


This written thesis is in support of a Master’s of Fine Arts degree at Western University. The thesis dossier explores themes of Mexican migration in Canada engaging with ideas of human labour and various indexes of Mexican culture, trade, and economic exchange. The thesis also consists of documentation of public exhibitions and other various creative production components including videos, photography and multi-media installations. This thesis is separated into three major sections. The first is an extended artist statement which outlines my artistic research and my creative process as an artist. The second is a portfolio of photographic documentation of artworks made during my Master of Fine Arts candidacy. The third is a case study examining the photographic series “Fragmented Cities” and “Carpoolers” by artist Alejandro Cartagena, who draws attention to social, urban, and environmental issues in Latin America.

Summary for Lay Audience

How does photography impact the labour classification system? This thesis explores the economic exchange between Canada and Mexico by examining the photographic event and the political meanings behind bringing human bodies into focus.

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