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Daniel, Omar


Waves of Lament is a five movement cycle for solo organ with a duration of 23 minutes. This cycle is a reflection of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through its five movements, this work aims to depict the different chapters of life during a global pandemic. Waves of Lament, utilizes the sounds of the organ to explore various extra-musical themes from the pandemic. The first movement explores panic and anxiety, the second looks at isolation, and the third movement explores themes of rest and reflection. The fourth movements deals with the massive amount of loss we have all experienced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Lastly, the finale explores the idea of ‘hazy recollections,’ and how memories float through our consciousness, particularly in our quiet moments.

Summary for Lay Audience

Waves of Lament is a cycle for solo organ with five movements that reflects on life during the COVID-19 pandemic. A cycle (or song cycle) is group of pieces intended to be performed together. The pieces will usually have a common theme or subject, or tell a story when heard in succession. The pipe organ is a musical instrument that has one or more manuals (or keyboards) played by the hands, and a pedal board played by the feet. This work requires an organ with at least three manuals (or keyboards) to be the most effective. To produce sound on the instrument, pressurized air is forced through pipes of varying size and length. Through the use of the organ’s stops (or registrations), it is able to create a wide variety of timbres, colours and dynamics. Waves of Lament, utilizes the sounds of the organ to explore different themes from the pandemic, such as: isolation, panic and loss.

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