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Master of Fine Arts


Visual Arts


Sneppova, Daniela


This project explores the relationship between the real self and digital identity (mostly in the form of avatars in life simulation video games) and how these two states of being could possibly merge and act as one. This dossier consists of three chapters. The first chapter is an extended artist statement and a summary of influences in my work. There I explore the tangible relationship between player and avatar and how digital experiences affect our psyches in various contexts where this relationship is developed and maintained. The second chapter is an interview with Mohawk multimedia artist, Skawennati, who discusses how she developed different principles for analyzing online experiences and platforms, and how she represents human subjects in the online game world through avatars. Chapter three contains documentation of artworks I produced throughout my MFA candidacy, accompanied by a brief description explaining the contexts and concepts behind those works.

Summary for Lay Audience

In this paper, I examine a state in which lived experience comes from both virtual space and physical space. Since the extended relationship between the real self and virtual self goes beyond cyberspace and into one's everyday life, it forms a unique identity attached to both virtual and physical worlds.