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DeCoito, Isha


Teachers and students are increasingly operating in classrooms where the presence of digital technology impacts both parties across numerous facets related to teaching and learning. In an attempt to comprehend this dynamic, the current research aimed to understand the relationship from the perspective of the educator, acknowledging that today’s teachers are tasked with guiding students to become global, 21st century citizens who are capable of appropriately engaging with the opportunities and challenges put forth by digital technology. Therefore, this research aimed to examine teacher candidates’ (TCs’) a) attitudes towards digital technology, b) ability to manifest personalized learning experiences, and c) personal engagement and achievement outcomes. To address these aims, the research utilized secondary data related to digital competencies and digital technology experiences of TCs in a teacher education program at a Canadian university. Both quantitative (surveys) and qualitative (interviews, coursework) data were analyzed to determine overall impact. Findings suggest that TCs’ experiences with digital technology positively affected both their attitudes toward and uses of digital technology. Additionally, TCs’ levels of engagement with subject content was heightened when combined with digital technology, as well as their abilities to foster personalized learning, and enhanced achievement through knowledge construction and knowledge mobilization.

Summary for Lay Audience

This study focused on understanding how digital technology impacted the lives of teacher candidates (TCs). To address this research inquiry, data was extracted from surveys, interviews, and coursework. Data touched upon numerous areas, such as reflections on digital technology and digital technology usage, understandings of digital technology and digital literacy, and experiences with creating digital timelines for a course assignment as a means of working with digital technology. Findings indicate that TCs were impacted on a number of fronts as a result of their experiences with digital technology.