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Daniel, Omar

2nd Supervisor

Mooney, Kevin


The DREAMVISION SONGBOOK is a musical dream vision: a cycle of allegorical songs for mixed ensemble (three sopranos, guitar, violin, double bass and percussion). The text for the work consists of five original English poems written by the composer. The poems take the characteristics of the medieval rondeau, virelai and ballade as a formal departure point. The five poems depict a series of episodes that weave together a dream vision; a pilgrimage in which the dreamer encounters imagery of environmental collapse, death, decay and catastrophe, but also symbols of hope and repair.

Summary for Lay Audience

The DREAMVISION SONGBOOK is a set of five songs that explore themes of the Anthropocene and climate change. The song texts were written by the composer and each uses a certain verse form from the late medieval French traditions of the formes fixes (fixed forms) as a departure point. The dream vision, a medieval genre of poetry which makes use of the dream as an allegorical device, serves as the container and through-line of the work. The five songs suggest a dreamer’s journey through images and symbols of environmental collapse.

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