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Master of Engineering Science


Civil and Environmental Engineering


El. Naggar M. Hesham

2nd Supervisor

Hisham Hafez


Greenfield Gloabl.


Through the application of a computerized model (BioWin), anaerobic co-digestion (AcoD) of source separated organics (SSO) and a high rate acidification technology (pretreatment) for a conventional wastewater treatment plant was reviewed. Through this combined approach of high rate acidification, and co-digestion techniques it was found that the experimental modeling scenarios offered increases when compared to the existing base scenario production levels. With the addition of the high rate acidification technology and application of source separated organics the maximum increases in biogas production came when an OLR of 5.24 kg-COD/m³/day and 97g COD/L/d was experimentally modeled. It is therefore, recommended that research into the combination of AcoD with a high rate acidification pretreatment to determine co-substrate application to specific WWTP dynamics continually be investigated.

Summary for Lay Audience

The intended purpose of this research was to highlight pretreatment technology when applied to an existing conventional medium-sized wastewater treatment plant. Through the application of computer modeling efforts, various scenarios were examined to determine the ability of both co-digestion initiatives and pretreatment applications. The findings showed that the addition of source separated organics (SSO), to existing waste streams of a medium-sized wastewater treatment plant, offer positive abilities towards increasing overall biogas production ability of the plant. When the addition of SSO was then combined with the application of a high rate acidification pretreatment technology, further advances in biogas production regarding conventional wastewater treatment plant operations was possible.