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Brown, Jason


The study explored the barriers and facilitators to accessing mental health services by migrant youth. Participants were asked two questions: 1) “What are the mental health stressors that you face?” and 2) “What would stop you from talking to someone about mental health stress?” 30 migrant youth between the ages of 16 and 22 from a mid-sized city in central Canada were interviewed. The data was analyzed using group concept mapping. For question one, mental health stressors, participants grouped the statements into seven concepts, including: Family, Isolation, Communication, Anxiety, Overburdened, School Difficulties and Working with Others. For question two, barriers to accessing mental health services, participants grouped the statements into five concepts, including: Fear of Being Misunderstood or Ignored, Desire for Confidentiality, Lack of Trust and Understanding, Talking About it is not Helpful and/or Taboo and Fear of the Disclosure Process. The results were compared and contrasted with the literature.

Summary for Lay Audience

The present study examined mental health stressors and barriers to accessing mental health services for migrant youth (immigrants and refugees). The present study emphasized doing research with rather than on the population. The study utilized a concept mapping group concept mapping analysis; meaning, the migrant youth population were involved with generating the data and sorting/analyzing the data. The results of the present study were compared to the literature; this comparison indicated that the present study supported the findings from previous research, expanded on previous research by elaborating on previous findings and identified new mental health stressors and barriers to accessing services.

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