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Wood, Kelly L.


This thesis dossier is divided into the following sections: the first is an extended artist statement that elucidates the research that orbits my visual practice, involving theories of material complicity, Object Oriented Ontology, Thing Theory, and material culture. The second section is a portfolio of photographic documentation of artworks made during my MFA candidacy, focusing primarily on works from the last 15 months. The third section is a case study exploring the expanded sculpture practice of Jessica Stockholder, whose work liberates everyday objects in an especially affective approach to installation.

Summary for Lay Audience

This thesis dossier elucidates and contextualizes the visual research I have conducted over the past two years at the University of Western Ontario. It is divided into three sections: an extended artist statement, a portfolio of photographic documentation of my artwork, and a case study of the artwork of Jessica Stockholder. The overall goal of this dossier is to explore the cultural relevance of found-object assemblage and installation practices moving into the future.

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