Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Doctor of Philosophy


Hispanic Studies


Dr. Juan Luis Suárez


This dissertation furnishes an analysis of the unfolding twenty-first century neobaroque phenomenon. Thus this disquisition delves through assorted cultural artifacts from the current digital era as well as manifestations of neobaroque motifs; these virtual baroques of the twenty-first century range from memento mori, video games, social networking sites and the sponsors of these neobaroque manifestations--the corporations, a baroque legacy. This thesis seeks parallels, as opposed to replications of the first modern global culture--the historical baroque of the seventeenth century; it also provides an extensive etymological research of the international and evolving meaning of baroque, taking also into consideration its political instrumentality. The approach of this study also treats the current neobaroque as a global phenomenon. Therefore, to unveil the baroque resonance of these artifacts, global and multidisciplinary scholars and theories from traditional and nontraditional baroque bastions will be applied.