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Sky Glabush


My research explores the material properties of gaming interfaces and the paranoiac virtual spaces of male fantasies. The first chapter of this thesis is an extended artist statement and a summary of influences in my work. Topics include the relationship between fantasy violence and real violence, digital avatars, and the limits of empathy in digital space. This chapter also contains documentation of works produced throughout the course of my MFA candidacy as well as the contexts and concepts behind those works. The second chapter is a case study exploring the work of artist Neo Rauch, whose paintings quietly critique and illustrate the social baggage of failed political ideologies. The collective methodologies Rauch employs towards creating political artwork are an important influence in my own studio practice.

Summary for Lay Audience

This extended artist statement surveys my artistic research and works produced throughout my degree at Western. The works explore the relationships between fantasy violence and real world conflicts and draw influence from the political voice of artist Neo Rauch.

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