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Master of Science




Belfry, Glen R.


This study compared the effects of a 4 week, 30 s weight training program (30SEC), to a low-repetition weight training program (LoRep), on rowing performance and aerobic capacity in preconditioned, provincial and national collegiate female rowers. 30SEC (n=5) performed 5 sets of dumbbell deadlifts (DL) and dumbbell bench pulls (BP), executing a maximum of 18 repetitions in 30 s, three times per week. LoRep (n=5) performed 4-5 sets of 2-6 repetitions of weight training exercises twice per week. Both regimes performed an identical high volume of predominantly aerobic rowing ergometer training. 30SEC improved 1 Minute Test (p2max, peak power output at VO2max, and ventilatory threshold did not change in either group (p≥0.05). It is suggested that 30SEC improved 1 Minute Test performance indicated improved anaerobic capacity, which facilitated the improved 2000 m rowing ergometer performance.

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