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Master of Engineering Science


Biomedical Engineering

Collaborative Specialization

Musculoskeletal Health Research


Teeter, Matthew G.


Total hip arthroplasty (THA) is a common procedure used to treat end-stage hip osteoarthritis (OA). Various designs of implants are currently used to successfully perform these procedures. However, the role of these design variations on early implant migration and patient recovery is still being studied. In this study patients were prospectively randomized to receive either a collared or collarless femoral stem. Differences were compared between groups assessing implant migration, patient activity and patient functional differences. Compared to the collarless femoral stem, it is believed that a collared femoral stem provides improved axial stability early in the post-operative timeline. This study provides strong evidence towards the improved stability of collared femoral stems within the first two weeks post-operatively. This study also compares the implant groups and expresses an increase in activity level early in recovery for patients receiving collared femoral stems.

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