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Master of Arts




Chiodo, Deborah

2nd Supervisor

Leschied, Alan



Research has been done on the importance of addressing mental health concerns while obtaining an undergraduate degree. Despite this, some students do not seek help and their mental health needs are unmet. The objective of the current study was to gain a holistic understanding of the barriers and facilitators affecting the help-seeking behaviour of undergraduate students, as told through the student perspective. Data was collected through an online consultation survey, which asked students for their perspectives of mental health supports on campus.A thematic analysis revealed a lack of promotion of mental health services, lack of academic time off, stigma, and service waitlists as barriers; destigmatizing efforts, an increase in the promotion of services, recognition and understanding of mental health concerns, and normalizing help-seeking were identified as facilitators. The results demonstrate what prevents and promotes the help-seeking behaviour of undergraduate students. Implications for understanding student mental health and facilitating change were discussed.