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Master of Arts




Chiodo, Deborah G.

2nd Supervisor

Leschied, Alan W.

Joint Supervisor


The mental health needs among postsecondary students have been observed to be increasing. Fostering resiliency in the campus environment has been identified as central to improving student mental health. The present study investigated student perceptions of how resiliency is supported in a university setting and what gets in the way of supporting student resiliency. Data was collected via campus-wide emails that explored student perceptions of mental health and resiliency at an institutional level. Through a thematic analysis, six main themes were produced that addressed common experiences of mental health support on campus: mental health awareness and education, student wellness resources, social support, difficulty accessing services, poor quality of support services, and negative student experience. The data highlights the range of campus systems that contribute to student perceptions of resiliency and the demand placed on campus services. Implications for supporting postsecondary student resiliency at an institutional level are discussed.