Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science




Marsolais Frederic

2nd Supervisor

Kohalmi Susanne



Medicago sativa is one of the most produced perennial forage crops in Canada. Drought stress is a major form of abiotic stress affecting the productivity and annual yield of alfalfa. A small noncoding RNA, miR156 has a role in abiotic stress tolerance, while regulating downstream SPL genes. In this study, whole leaf proteome and amino acid concentrations of miR156OE (A8) genotype of alfalfa under drought stress were quantified. In results, 3,000 proteins groups were identified using MaxQuant when searched against Medicago truncatula protein sequence database. Gene ontology analysis showed enriched proteins were involved in biological and molecular processes such as antioxidant response, response to stress, abscisic acid signaling, and biosynthesis of secondary metabolites. These proteins/pathways might involve in enhancing drought stress tolerance mediated by miR156. This study provides a better understanding and an insight into the role of miR156 in drought stress tolerance in alfalfa.