Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Clinical Science


Family Medicine


Ryan, Bridget L.

2nd Supervisor

Harris, Stewart


Though the management of diabetes is widely documented in scientific literature, little is published about how hypoglycemia is managed by family physicians. The objective of this study was to create a measurement for family physician clinical inertia in managing hypoglycemia, and to determine family physicians’ characteristics associated with clinical inertia. The design was a secondary analysis of the data provided by 162 family physicians from the Canadian InHypo-DM Study. The outcome for this thesis was a score for physician clinical inertia. The methods applied were exploratory factor analysis, bivariate analysis and multiple linear regression. Results showed no statistically significant differences in clinical inertia score for any of the independent variables. This study provides evidence that clinical inertia in management of hypoglycemia is not associated with family physicians’ characteristics. Further testing this score will provide more information on aspects of clinical inertia and its role in the management of hypoglycemia.