Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Dr. J.B. Orange


Context: Canadian best practice recommendations for identification and treatment of post-stroke depression (PSD) have been established, but whether they have been adopted is not known.

Objectives: To compare current with recommended best practice.

Methods: A retrospective chart review from 5 inpatient rehabilitation programs in Southwestern Ontario was completed and a short online survey addressing current practices, opinions and attitudes regarding PSD conducted.

Results: Screening for PSD was documented in 41 of 294 patient records. Of the 41 patients screened, 16 were referred for assessment and 6 diagnosed with PSD. However, 113 patients (38.9%) received pharmacotherapy. Most staff reported having access to the recommendations (75%) and was somewhat aware of recommendations for PSD (70%).

Conclusion: A substantial gap exists between current practice and best practice for the identification and treatment of PSD. Respondents expressed positive attitudes toward best practice and identified few barriers suggesting clinicians may be willing to implement the recommendations.