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Master of Arts




Zhang, Zheng


This case study explored how teachers and students use social media for English teaching and learning purposes within and outside of the College English classes in China. The theories of multiliteracies, new media literacies, and connectivism learning theory provided the theoretical underpinnings for this study. Data sources included classroom observations and semi-structured interviews with one teacher participant and 12 student participants in a university in China.Findings show that the teacher and students used various social media tools in multiple ways to facilitate English teaching and learning within and outside of the College English classes. Findings also reveal that although students acted both asnew media consumers and new media designers within and outside of the College English classes, their practices of new media designing were more often found in the outside-of-class practices. This study identified the affordances and constraints of using social media in College English teaching and learning. This study contributes insights into EFL curriculum and pedagogy with regard to integrating social media.