Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Clinical Science


Family Medicine


Brown, Judith B.

2nd Supervisor

Freeman, Thomas R.



Transitions in medical education have been shown to increase unprofessional behaviours in learners but little is known about the experiences of first year Canadian Family Medicine residents or their preceptors. This qualitative descriptive study explored the experiences and feelings of Family Medicine preceptors and first year Family Medicine residents (FMRs) surrounding the transition to residency. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 10 preceptors and 9 FMRs. The findings highlighted the complex but predominantly positive experiences during this transition in addition to competing and often evolving feelings experienced by both groups. Both studies noted the lack of support for preceptors and FMRs during transitional times and the importance of a learner-centered approach to transitions with an emphasis on peer and early, meaningful Family Medicine connections. These findings generate learner-centered recommendations to increase learner connectivity to Family Medicine, support this transition for both groups, and may improve patient safety and care.