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Master of Science




Laviolette, Steven


The objective of this study is to determine the potential differential effects of THC in the DH or VH sub-regions, as well as the upstream effects on PFC neuronal activity and oscillations. Rodents used for electrophysiology were infused with THC or vehicle in the DH or VH regions, combined with PFC recordings. Additionally, a battery of behavioural paradigms was performed. Deficits in short-term memory when THC was infused into both regions was observed, however working memory was impaired with VH infusions only. This could be due to THC-induced dysregulation in the PFC, as beta oscillations were significantly decreased selectively in the VH. Additionally, a selective increase in anxiety-related behaviours was observed following VH THC infusions, but not in the DH, which could be related to changes in ERK 1/2. These findings have implications for how marijuana may differentially impact emotional vs. cognitive functions through differential effects on hippocampal sub-regions.